User Commitment, Conditions of Use and Indemnity

The User is obliged to make a reasonable use of the website and of its contents according to the purposes for which it is conceived and subject to applicable law, and the principles of good faith, morale and public order, and shall respect any additional
instruction which might be given by the UVic-UCC in relation to said use and access.

The UVic-UCC will not assume any responsibility derived from the misuse of the website or of its contents by the User, who in all cases will assume responsibility for damage, actions or claims which might be derived from their access to or use of the
website or of its contents, as well as their reproduction or communication to others.

The User may not send contents or opinions of any kind to the website which might in any way breach the fundamental rights to honour, image and personal and family privacy of third parties, and particularly minors, the breach of the duty to secrecy and
communications, the breach of industrial and intellectual property rights or of the rules regulating the protection of personal data, and equally agrees not to publish, disclose, announce or distribute any material or information which might be illegal,
obscene, pornographic, abusive, defamatory, deceitful, racist or in any way contrary to moral or public order, and not to insert any computer virus, defective files or any other computer program which might cause damage or alterations in the contents,
programs or systems of the UVic-UCC, and will be responsible for said actions, if applicable. In this sense, the UVic-UCC may limit access to the website of opinions, information or any kind of posts which the User might send to it. Similarly, the
UVic-UCC does not warrant any of the opinions which the User might give through the website.

Users may not use the website to send advertising or commercial announcements, to send messages with the purpose of advertising or to collect data for the same purpose.

User access keys

The access keys, login, password and/or any other kind of keyword (hereinafter, the Access Keys) are personal and non-transferable, and are allocated to the User by the UVic-UCC in accordance with the personal and particular conditions of each one.

Users agreed to make licit and diligent use of the Access Keys, and not to lend, inform or make their Access Keys available to third parties.

Users agree to immediately inform the UVic-UCC (at of any loss, theft or robbery of the Access Keys and any risk of access thereto by third parties, in all cases providing a photocopy of the ID or equivalent document and assuming
all responsibility for misuse, undue or fraudulent use of the Access Keys.

The UVic-UCC is exonerated of all kinds of responsibility that it might incur for damages caused or suffered as a result of fraudulent use or lack of diligence in the safeguard and custody of the Access Keys, or any other use which might contravene what
is provided in the Legal Notice, the General Conditions or in the Privacy and Data Protection Policy.


The User may access the blogs created by the UVic-UCC or which it might allow to be hosted on its website. All publications and articles (posts) are the responsibility of the author of the blog. The User’s comments are their own responsibility and if
any of their comments should breach the minimum rules of respect for others, good customs, moral or law, these will be deleted by the editor of the blog without any need for previous consent from the User.

All information provided by the User in the blogs must be true. In any case, the User accepts responsibility for any false or imprecise manifestations they might make and any harm they might cause to the website or to third parties through the information
they supply to the website.

The collection and use of the information which Twitter and others might collect on the User is governed by their own privacy policies, and all use by the UVic-UCC of information that these might provide on the User is governed by this Privacy Policy.

The social networks are services given by third parties that allow the User to take part in a virtual community with other users through which it is possible to create and share contents, information and personal data with other users of the Net. The
operation of the social network is regulated by the conditions established by the holder and/or provider of the network or by the person responsible for the profile.

The UVic-UCC accepts no responsibility for the unofficial websites and web pages that others might create on the social networks.

The UVic-UCC is responsible for the file and for the treatment which might be given to it through its official website and web pages in the social networks. If you become a friend or a follower of our official websites and pages on the social networks,
your personal data will be treated with the purpose of correctly administering the official website or web page, of knowing your opinions and/or receiving your comments, and of informing you and allowing you to participate in the different competitions,
promotions and/or events.

The UVic-UCC may delete any information that goes against the rules established in law, moral, public order and/or any applicable policies from the official website and web pages on the social networks.

Similarly, the holders or providers of the social networks may delete any contents which, either naturally or following a report from another User, go against the norms or rules of operation imposed by the provider of each of the networks.

Participation of the User

The website provides the User with different spaces and tools of participation to encourage conversation and the exchange of ideas and opinions among them. Its aim is to remain open and accessible to anyone provided basic rules of coexistence and respect
are observed.

The User declares, recognises and accepts that they are those solely responsible for the comments, declarations and contents they might make on the website. In this respect, the User declares and guarantees that:

  1. The Contents they include in the website in no case will breach the right to honour, image, reputation and/or fame of the UVic-UCC or of any other physical person or legal entity.
  2. The Contents they might include on the website will in no case breach the right to intimacy and/or privacy of any third-party. In particular, the User agrees not to supply the personal data of any third-party through the website.
  3. With respect to the videos and photographs that the User might include in the website, these have been consented by the persons appearing in said videos and photographs for the treatment of their data and use of their image in the publication of the
    video or photograph on the website. All inclusion by the User of videos and photographs in which minors appear is prohibited.
  4. This website will not include xenophobic, sexual or adult, violent, chauvinist, etc. comments or contents.
  5. The User will not use the website for advertising or commercial purposes. The following are particularly prohibited:
    1. The use of the website for sending commercial announcements to other Users.
    2. The collection or compiling of any contact information of other Users for advertising or commercial purposes. In this sense, the UVic reminds that the data on the Users included in the website are not sources which are accessible to the public
      for the purpose of the provisions of data protection regulations.

The website reserves the right to suppress any information or content generated in the participation spaces for any reason and without prior notice.

In no case will the UVic-UCC be responsible for any comments or declarations made and/or contents included by the User in the website, in which case the UVic-UCC will be the simple host of the information for the effects of what is provided in article
16 Law 34/2002 of 12 July, concerning Services of the Society of Information and Electronic Trade (hereinafter LSSI). All of this is without prejudice to the measures taken by the UVic-UCC to moderate the comments or contents included in the website.

If the User should send contents of any kind to the website, they declare, guarantee and accept that they are entitled to do so freely, that said information does not breach any intellectual property right, trademark, patent, or any other third-party
right, and that said information is not confidential and not harmful for third parties.

The User agrees to punctually fulfil all terms set out in this Privacy Policy and not to use the website for illegal, fraudulent purposes or any others not expressly authorised by UVic-UCC. To this effect, the User will be responsible for the legal consequences
of any breach on their part of the terms set out herein. The UVic-UCC will only be responsible for the damage that the User might suffer in their use of the website when said damage is due to our wilful action.

The User recognises that they assume responsibility and leave the UVic-UCC indemnified of any damage derived from any announcement that they might make in person or which might be made on their behalf, this responsibility unlimitedly covering the accuracy,
legality, originality and ownership thereof.

The User freely and non-exclusively grants the UVic-UCC the right to reproduce, distribute, transform and publicly announce the sent contents in all possible forms (photographs, images with or without movement, texts, information, databases, sound recordings
and any other works or services). The mentioned concession is for the whole world for the maximum duration currently provided by the law on intellectual property.

Infringement, applicable law and jurisdiction

In the event of infringement of any of the commitments specified in these Conditions of Use, the UVic-UCC may, unilaterally and without prior warning, terminate or suspend the provision of the website service to the User at any time. This suspension or
withdrawal will in no case entitle the User to any compensation. The applicable law in the event of dispute or conflict in the interpretation of the terms forming the General Conditions, the Data Privacy Policy and any other special conditions as
well as any question related to the contents of this website will be Spanish law (expressly excluding the rules of conflict). In resolving any conflict related to the use of the website, the UVic-UCC and the User agree to submit to the jurisdiction
which might be legally applicable.


For any information regarding the Conditions of Use, the User may contact the UVic-UCC at the address given in the Legal Notice and/or in writing at