Walk@Work is an automated program that promotes physical activity in the workplace. It suggests strategies to cut back on the periods of time that you remain seated and increase your active or walking time during working hours.

  • Sitting for long periods of time is a risk factor for your health.
  • The high prevalence of sedentary jobs has become one of the main causes of increased sitting
  • Eighty percent of people spend a great deal of work time performing tasks that do not involve any
    movement whatsoever.
  • Physical exercise during leisure time does not eliminate the health risks of sitting for extended
    periods of time.

Who is it for?

  • For people with sedentary jobs who sit for 6-8 hours a day while working.
  • For people who sit for long periods of time throughout the day (8 to 10 hours).
  • For people who exercise in their leisure time, but who still spend many hours sitting at work.
  • For people who want to boost their health and feel better by limiting an unhealthy lifestyle.

What will you get out of it?

  • Spend less time sitting and increase the time you spend moving or walking during working hours:
    • You will apply tailored strategies that fit with your specific workplace tasks and
    • You will decide what the most appropriate strategies are for you and the best time to
      implement them.
  • Feel better while you work. You will boost your work performance.
  • Reduce your waistline if you have accumulated abdominal fat.

What do you have to do?

  1. Sign up the program website. Click on the tab Sign in. You can register as a workplace or
    individual employee. You will have access to the program for 13 weeks with a personal account
    where you can have:

    • Proposed strategies to sit less and move more time at work.
    • Personalised advice and monitoring of the goals you reach, both in terms of sitting time
      and time you spend moving or walking.
    • A social network to connect and share your experiences with other participants by using
      a personal Twitter account.
  1. Download the application on your personal mobile (designed for Android and iPhone mobile
    devices) from the program website website or mobile device at Google Play or App Store
    respectively. Click on the tap Download the mobile app.

    • While working, this will allow you to measure and track the time you’re sitting, moving,
      walking and standing in real-time, and how much time you stay seated. The application
      consumes little battery on most mobile devices.
    • You should carry a small sensor on the thigh, attached to an elastic band, for 13 weeks:
      • You will need to wear the sensor during work hours only as well as
        transportation time going to and back from work.
      • This location of the sensor allows for real, objective and reliable measurement
        of the time you spend sitting, moving, walking and standing like no other
      • During work hours, the sensor must be with you at all times and the mobile
        device should remain to a maximum distance of 10-15 meters from the sensor
        during 13 weeks.
  • The app will send the data directly to the website, which will register your program
    history, will track your personal achievements through graphs and, will send feedback
    messages to the app on your personal goals.